A Foreclosure Auction Has Been Scheduled For My Property. What do I do?

A Foreclosure Auction Has Been Scheduled For My Property. What Do I Do? It can be heart-wrenching to discover that your property is scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction. People often become aware of a foreclosure auction when they are actively participating in the foreclosure court case and are provided an official “Notice

What is a Mortgage Loan Modification?

What is a Mortgage Loan Modification? If you have a home mortgage and are falling behind on payments, you may have heard of a mortgage loan modification/ home loan modification. A loan modification is an agreement with your mortgage loan servicer to alter the mortgage payments and bring the mortgage current so that you can

Should I Participate in Foreclosure Mediation?

Should I participate in Foreclosure Mediation? Cook County, Lake County, and Will County all offer foreclosure mediation programs with varying results.  At its heart, mediation is the court-sanctioned opportunity for the homeowner to sit down with the foreclosing bank’s representative and hash out an agreement to either permit the homeowner to stay in the home,

Wells Fargo in Hot Water …Again.

Wells Fargo in Hot Water…Again. You may have seen it. Watching a sporting event, maybe just aimlessly surfing channels to kill some time. Wells Fargo’s new commercial, it does something, it just pulls at your heartstrings. Maybe it’s the appeal to history, maybe it’s the horses, or maybe it’s the idea of a comeback story.