Powers of Attorney for 18 Year Olds

If you have a child turning 18, it is important for that child to create some basic estate planning documents. Many parents do not realize that once their children turn 18, the parents can no longer access protected health information or make decisions for their child. Parents usually discover this when their child’s doctor’s office... Read more »

What is the Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in a Divorce?

  Going through a divorce can be a difficult and emotional process for everyone involved, especially for children. A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is a person appointed by the court to represent the best interests of the child in a divorce case. In this article, we will discuss the role of a GAL in a... Read more »

How Does One Fund a Living Trust?

  A Living Trust is a legal document that is created during a person’s lifetime and is used to manage their assets and property after they pass away. One of the main benefits of a Living Trust is that it allows for the distribution of assets to beneficiaries without the need for probate court. However,... Read more »

How is Inheritance Treated in a Divorce?

  When a person inherits a significant amount of money or property, they may be concerned about how those assets will be treated in the event of a divorce. Many people wonder if inherited assets must be split between the parties, and if there are ways to protect those assets so that they are not... Read more »

How Does a Traffic Ticket Impact a CDL License?

  A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required to operate certain vehicles, such as buses and tractor-trailers. This type of license is subject to stricter laws and regulations than a regular driver’s license. One such area of stricter laws is in the handling of traffic tickets. A traffic ticket can have a significant impact on... Read more »

Is Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning Really Worth the Risk?

  When it comes to estate planning, many people are tempted to take the do-it-yourself route. While it may seem like a cost-effective solution, there are some risks that you should be aware of before deciding to go this route. In this blog post, Johnston Tomei Lenczycki & Goldberg, LLC will explore the potential risks... Read more »

How Do I Recover From a Defaulted Student Loan?

Most students pay a substantial amount toward their student loans. This can be overwhelming if the student is struggling to make ends meet. According to the Education Department, 9.7% of all student borrowers default on their loans. If you are among the ones that have defaulted on the loans, there are a few ways you... Read more »

Names Changes in Illinois: Adult vs a Minor

Changing one’s name can be a significant decision and is often done for various reasons such as marriage, divorce, or personal preference. In the state of Illinois, the process of legally changing your name can be different for adults and minors. This article will outline the steps, legal actions, and estimated costs for both adults... Read more »

What is a Pet Trust?

  Having a pet is a big responsibility, and one of the most important things you can do to ensure your pet is cared for in the event of your death is to create a pet trust. A pet trust allows you to provide for the lifetime care of your beloved pet while providing legal... Read more »

How to Obtain an Order of Protection in Illinois

If you feel that your safety or that of your loved ones is in danger, an order of protection can help ensure your safety. This court order prohibits a specific individual from contacting or harming those protected by the order. It also provides several protective reliefs, including removing lawfully owned guns from the residence, including... Read more »



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