Illinois Small Estate Affidavits

Families that would rather avoid probate court due to the costs and time frame of a court proceeding can take advantage of small estates affidavits to obtain a decedent’s assets. These include assets such as vehicles, bank accounts, certificates of deposit and corporate stocks standing in their name alone. The maximum amount of non-probate personal... Read more »

Solving a Commercial Lease Dispute

    Commercial leasing disputes can be costly. Not only can they sour a relationship between a landlord and a tenant, they are often very expensive. Between legal fees and lost rent or services, a lot of time and money can go into a commercial lease dispute. Thankfully, many commercial lease disputes can be avoided... Read more »

Does Alimony Change as Income Changes?

  Spousal Alimony Modifications In a divorce, courts go to considerable lengths to figure out how much spousal support one spouse should pay to the other. This initial decision is based on a variety of factors. It might include the parties’ financial situations and any non-monetary advantages that one partner may have provided to the marriage.... Read more »

How to Avoid Piercing the Corporate Veil (Corporations & LLCs)

  LLCs and corporations are important tools in our legal and business system. These legal entities allow business owners to protect themselves from personal liability in many cases. This encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to take risks since liability is contained within the business itself. However, LLCs, corporations, and other entities are not indestructible. If... Read more »

How Illinois Traffic Court Supervision Works

Traffic court supervisions are one way that a driver can be punished for a traffic violation. A supervision is different than a conviction. Generally, the information with a supervision is less public, meaning that it will often not affect a driver’s insurance rates. But court supervision is not always a given. So how does traffic... Read more »

Illinois Truck Accident Wrongful Death Actions

Illinois Truck Accident Wrongful Death Actions Fatal truck collisions are a rather common occurrence on Illinois’ highways and roads. Trucking companies are responsible for vetting their drivers, adhering to local and federal laws, and encouraging safe trucking. Tragedies may occur when trucking companies or drivers fail to follow those standards. If a loved one has died... Read more »

How to Revoke Estate Planning Documents

The only constant in life is change, and usually after a significant change, an individual may face the strenuous task of adjusting their estate plan. An estate plan may consist of a revocable trust, a will, or powers of attorneys. Below are the following ways in which an individual may revoke each of the following... Read more »

Do I Need an Irrevocable Trust?

Do I Need an Irrevocable Trust? We are often asked by potential clients whether it makes sense to create an irrevocable trust. An irrevocable trust is a trust that is set up for a specific purpose and cannot be undone under most circumstances. Therefore, it is a permanent trust until the trust purpose has been... Read more »

Powers of Attorney for Students Going Away to College

During these unprecedented times, it is normal for you to want to take every necessary measure to make sure your family is always prepared. Imagine not being able to make legal decisions for your child going away to college. Without a power of attorney (POA), a parent cannot handle certain matters on behalf of their... Read more »



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