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Thank you for considering our firm, JTLG, LLC, to assist you in incorporating your business. You are making the right decision as incorporating your business has many advantages. You will appear more professional and legitimate to potential customers as well as qualify for certain tax advantages and protect your personal assets. As our legal team focuses on formulating corporations for business owners, we’ll guide you through the limited-liability company (LLC) process and ensure that you are doing everything correctly while seeking corporation status for your business. Our firm has successfully incorporated many small and medium-sized businesses just like yours so you will be in very capable hands. When you choose JTLG, LLC, we will always be available to you to answer any questions you have.

We will begin by meeting with you for your free consultation to learn all about you and your business. At this time, we will decide if acquiring the LLC status is in your best interests or if there is a different path that would be more beneficial to take. After the meeting, it will take some time for us to draft the appropriate documents, taking into account everything we learned about you as a business owner and the goals you have for your company. We will email the documents to you for review and approval pending any changes you’d like to make. We will schedule a second meeting that will focus on signing and filing the documents and finalizing the LLC process with the Illinois Secretary of State. From that point on, you will have a fully incorporated business with all the rights and benefits that apply.


The use of contracts in today’s business world is a basic necessity in the daily operations and interactions between companies and individuals. It provides legal protection to the two or more parties that voluntarily enter into it. It is crucial in protecting the rights and responsibilities of the clients and the steps going into the drafting and review of them is no less important. Large companies typically have their own in-house legal team that handles the creation and negotiation of contracts leaving smaller companies to look for outside legal assistance. Therefore, it is important to choose the right legal firm to guide you through these steps and help you to comprehend what exactly is being declared in the agreement. Choose the contract attorneys at JTLG, LLC to skillfully and capably help you draft and review the contract in order to protect your rights in a variety of situations. From purchase and sales agreements to supply and distribution, our legal team has worked with individuals and small to mid-sized companies with contracts and legal documents tailored to every situation. We also take the time to make sure you understand your rights and everything that is encompassed in the contract before you sign.

Contract Breach

JTLG, LLC has skilled attorneys on staff who focus on breach of contract law. They understand that in today’s business world, there is nothing more detrimental to a company than a breach of contract. When two or more people or entities enter into a contractual agreement with each other, certain responsibilities are promised to be delivered to the other party. If that promise is not kept, there are usually only a few reasons for it:

  • One party misunderstood what was being promised and did not accurately and completely fulfill their commitment
  • One party was unable to fulfill their promise due to circumstances
  • One party deliberately chose not to deliver on promises given

Consequently, the party that becomes the most negatively affected with the greater loss is the non-breaching party. Unfortunately, arguing and winning a breach of contract case is not always an easy task, particularly if the stipulations of the contract are vague and left open to interpretation. In any case, it is invaluable at this time to choose the right representation that will evaluate the specific issues in your situation and seek money for damages you incurred due to the breach.

Buying and Selling a Business

If you are thinking of purchasing or selling a business, there are several things you need to know before you proceed and it’s important to contact a legal firm like JTLG, LLC that has a highly competent team of attorneys on staff that specialize in business acquisition and selling.

If you are interested in buying a business, our business expert atorneys at Libertyville Legal will help you draft vital documents such as a letter of intent (LOI) which protects your rights as a potential buyer as well as providing you the information you need in order to be able to analyze and judge whether or not such a purchase would be beneficial. The LOI also protects the seller whereby it enters the interested buyer into a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting them from sharing any exclusive information, trade secrets, etc. about the seller’s business. Should the deal follow through all the way to the purchase, you will need a Bill of Sale which finalizes the transaction and delineates all assets that are to be transferred to the ownership of the buyer. All such documents and more can be handled by the professionals at JTLG, LLC, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory outcome to both parties involved.

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