As part of our offering, we represent families who have recently lost a loved one navigate the probate process, including opening the probate estate, collecting the probate assets, negotiating with creditors, and distributing the probate estate according to the Will if any, otherwise according to the Illinois laws of descent and distribution. Probate can be a complicated process that has many moving parts, but our experienced Libertyville probate lawyers will guide the appointed representative through the process to minimize the stress and anxiety that often accompanies any court proceeding. We will also prepare the court-required inventory and accounting to demonstrate to the court that all assets have been collected and handled according to well accepted fiduciary policies.

If litigation should arise, we can represent the representative of the estate rebuff any lawsuits to prevent any personal liability or loss of estate assets. Alternatively, we are also capable of representing heirs and/or legatees of an estate when they believe that the appointed representative is not fulfilling his or her fiduciary duties required of an Executor or Administrator. If a heir or legatee is seeking removal of the Executor or Administrator, we can bring a motion in front of the court to ask the court to appoint a new Executor or Administrator.

Whether you are a representative of an estate looking to efficiently administer the estate, or you are a beneficiary of an estate who believes the representative is engaged in wrong-doing, the experienced Libertyville probate attorneys at Johnston Tomei Lencyzcki & Goldberg LLC will be able to assist you. Probate does not have to be complicated, and with the right probate attorneys it won’t be.

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